Saturday, June 4, 2011

Left, shuffle right, hop....erm....what was that again?

Why is it whenever I hear music I suddenly forget which is right and which is left?
The Book/DVD arrived yesterday...had a quick speed read of the book, watched all the DVD.
Then tried to go slowly but for some reason hoping in slow motion doesn't work...especially when I haven't got a board only got carpet. Ended up sitting on the floor a few times. lol!
My solution hang on to the radiator to keep upright. ;)
I think I've got the hang of the first scottiche (shouting left, right! to myself)....well except the 'break' if only I could do it in time to the music.
I never realised how tiring it would be...maybe I'm just unfit? Actually no maybe about it I am unfit.
I expected it to be more like those dance mat games
But its actually not that easy. lol!

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