Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update 9/6/2011

1. Thanks to Deborah for donating me a piece of wood (picking it up at weekend).

2. Will be working on my shuffle....I realised I was just just wiggling my foot while brushing it along the ground and hoping for the best, so have made a concerted effort to analyze what I need to do, to do it properly. (Shuffling on tiles office kitchen floor while waiting for kettle to boil in lunch break is the plan. lol)

3. To get the tunes/rhythm in my head I am making myself an i-pod playlist of tunes from the DVD. Thanks Brenda for sending the list. :)


  1. Mastering a shuffle is not too difficult. Make sure you have your foot at the back to begin with so the foot goes forwards and backwards. When practising, try saying "shu" whilst moving the foot forwards and "ffle" when the foot goes backwards. Don't forget to make contact with the floor of course to get the taps. :) To alternate from one foot to the other you could practise doing 'Shuffle step' - make a shuffle with the right foot then step onto the right foot, repeat with the left foot and keep going. Hang onto a chair or similar for balance as this all needs to be executed on the balls of the feet. Pleased to hear a wooden board is on its way. Good luck with the shuffle.

  2. I just want to wish you all the very best with the clog dancing.

    I will be following with interest.


    Helen xx