Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stepping over...

Still struggling with double shuffle, can do it slowly on my own and with slow bit on DVD. But once I try it with music I seem to lose timing with it.

On another note had a go at doing 'stepping over'. Managed to do it very slowly. Getting used to the Tap Step 'step' and judging how much space I have on the board to dance it.


  1. I know what you mean with trying with music.. I have the same difficulty when I try to attend more advanced dance classes than basic polska. I've given up on dancing by now, but I also have a legal reason for not dancing, since I have a bad left knee. I guess patience and practice is the main thing.

  2. Tap step 'on the spot' is quite difficult at first. Have a wander around the room doing 'tap steps' so you will be travelling forwards as the tap is a forward tap. When you have mastered two good clear beats for the forward tap and the step travelling forwards then try keeping on the spot with these movements.
    It's a tricky one but it will crop up so often, it's worth the effort to get it right! Good luck!

  3. Should there be a bit of a bounce to the step?

  4. It's optional Sarah. You can do a 'tap step' or make it more bouncy with a 'tap spring'. We do 'tap springs' mainly - it's more like dancing! Learning to do a 'tap spring' is harder but once you have the hang of the forward tap and the step then you will be able to replace the step with a spring. :)