Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time for an update (October 2011)

So I have been working on stepping over.
and stepping back.
Also working on double shuffle. I am still struggling to do right amount of steps without the book in front of me.

 This is my attempt of doing six 'steps' all in one go without music or looking at book for reference.


  1. That's excellent Sarah. With the 'Stepping over'
    step .. make sure you get the two sounds of your shuffle before the 'ball dig across'. It is easy to make only one sound with the forward tap and miss out the backward tap. Six times is also difficult to remember without the music. It's looking very good though and I think you'll be needing your costume soon.

  2. Thanks.
    The stepping over 'step' I find quite hard. Always afraid I'm going to clip my ankle with the clog and step on my toe. lol!